Toomics: Overview, Founding Team, Funding, Revenue, and More


Toomics is a subscription-based webtoon platform. It provides webcomics in various genres that have been translated into multiple languages. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Gangnam-gu, South Korea. Terrapin Studios paid a million for this on July 19, 2022.

This subscription-based digital entertainment platform offers various webtoons in some genres. Toomics, available in several languages, has leveraged its high-quality webtoon-IP and distribution capabilities to become one of the fastest-growing global webtoon platforms.

This Industry is the creator of a webtoon platform that hosts several comics of various genres. 

The company’s platform allows users to watch animated series in their spare time by delivering a selection of webtoons to its readers and a subscription service that offers them access to all the webtoons, including sneak peeks into the upcoming episodes that still need to be updated.

Toomics Founder & Team: 

This is a South Korean company that was started in 2015. This employs two executives. Sundin Kim is Toomics’ current Chief Executive Officer.

This Global, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a premium subscription-based webcomics platform with a sizable international audience. We offer a variety of webtoons in 11 different languages.

This Global provides a wide range of webtoon content genres based on a high-level localization approach that employs its platform for operations like translation, editing, marketing, etc.

This Global, an organization led by people of various nationalities with the goal of “Mixing All Fun,” is looking for exceptional individuals who can grow as a team and enjoy one another.

Toomics’ Mission and Vision: Toomics offers manga and animation to all users.

There needs to be data on the Toomics Business Model.

Toomics Revenue Model: 

In 2021, This maintained a consistent profit and generated more than USD 50 million in revenue. Due to the recent rapid development of global activities, the revenue contribution from the ex-Korean company has nearly doubled over the previous three years, accounting for more than 70% in 2021.

Toomics Products & Services:

It provides subscription-based anime and comics.

Toomics Funding & Investors:

Investors of Toomics include Terapin Studios, Korea Investment Partners, and InterVest.

· This raised a total of $10.94M.

· This latest funding round is Acquired.

· This has raised $10.94M over two rounds.

· This latest funding round was Acquired on July 19, 2022.

· This valuation in December 2016 was $41.97M.

· Toomics’s latest post-money valuation is from July 2022.

This has between 50 and 200 staff.

Toomics’ Challenges:

 This had difficulty recruiting and retaining new customers in a highly competitive digital comics business. Their primary concerns were as follows:

Ineffective marketing strategies:

 Toomics’ initial marketing efforts could have been more cohesive and produced the anticipated outcomes.

Limited worldwide reach:

 The platform struggled to extend its user base and penetrate new areas.

This is needed to boost user retention rates to increase client loyalty and income.

Shape The Market developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy centred on three key areas to address these challenges:

Marketing campaigns based on data:

 Shape The Market found the most successful marketing channels and designed tailored campaigns using data analytics. 

This was able to optimize ad spending, improve audience targeting, and improve the overall performance of its marketing efforts because of this method.

Shape The Market assisted it in identifying and entering high-potential markets. This increases global reach by customizing content and marketing techniques to local interests.

Initiatives toward user retention:

 Personalized suggestions, push notifications, and loyalty programs were among the retention techniques utilized by the digital marketing agency. These tactics enhanced user engagement and retention, increasing income for this.

Terrapin Studios, a US-Korean media investor backed by NPX Capital, has paid $160 million to purchase this Global, one of South Korea’s fastest-growing webtoon platforms.

Webtoons, vertically scrolling comic strips designed to be watched on smartphones, first appeared in South Korea approximately 15 years ago and have since become a significant cultural phenomenon throughout Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

Webtoons have also served as the basis for numerous Korean film and television hits, including Netflix’s “All of Us Are Dead” and “Itaewon Class,” Disney+’s “Moving,” and “Dr Brain” on Apple TV+.

Netflix also plans a “Black Knight” series based on Toomics’ original webtoon IP “Delivery Knight.” 

Terapin-Toomics followed Terapin’s acquisition of Copin Communications, a Korean webtoon maker, in February 2022. The two agreements are intended to provide Terapin with the potential to expand its stable of cartoon artists into foreign markets, as well as the flexibility to negotiate arrangements for its IP in a variety of related or ancillary areas, ranging from animated cinema and television to books, games, merchandise, and NFTs.

Toomics’ Expansion:

 Toomics, a major webtoon platform, has innovated the digital comics industry. This has grown its global reach and strengthened its market position with Shape The Market, a prominent digital marketing agency.

Toomics Partners:

 Toomics’ partnership with Shape The Market has proven to be a game changer for the digital comics platform. This overcame its hurdles and achieved sustainable success thanks to Shape The Market’s data-driven approach, worldwide expansion tactics, and user retention programs.

Toomics’ competitors include the following:

Toomics Achievements & Awards:

It has not won any awards.

Toomics’ Future Plans: 

Our most recent analysis shows that the worldwide cartoon market is promising over the next five years. In the forecast period, between 2023 and 2028, the global cartoon market is expected to grow rapidly.


This collection contains all your favourite readings in one spot for hardcore fans and first-time comic readers. This is the most popular premium membership webtoon service, offering every genre and fantasy imaginable. It provides webcomics from various genres that have been translated into numerous languages. The company was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Gangnam-gu, South Korea.


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