How to Use WPS Office to Annotate PDFs?


Users can simply annotate PDF documents with the help of the robust WPS Office PDF Annotator. With the help of its underlining and highlighting capabilities, users may easily locate crucial information and parts inside huge PDF files. The experience of annotating is further improved by adding notes, remarks, and drawings of shapes.

Reducing the amount of time spent looking for important information, this increases productivity. Additionally, by sharing annotated PDFs with coworkers and clients, it fosters collaboration. When working with big PDF files that contain numerous pages, the PDF Annotator is very helpful because it enables users to explore and find the precise information they require.

Advantages of PDF annotations

WPS Office is a comprehensive and adaptable solution for all users and offers several advantages for annotating PDFs. Users can use its robust features to highlight text or images and add notes and comments, making all PDF files easy to read and comprehend. It is a time-saving application for customers who frequently use PDFs because of its user-friendly interface, which enables effective and smooth annotation of PDFs.

The cross-platform compatibility of WPS Office guarantees that users can annotate PDFs on a variety of devices and operating systems without running into compatibility problems. Annotations on PDFs can improve teamwork and communication, speed up the document review process, and increase productivity.

It makes it simple and effective to annotate PDF files, which will enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Using split pdf online

WPS Office is the ideal tool for splitting a pdf file online because it guarantees excellent outcomes for each extraction. WPS PDF Converter ensures that each split page maintains its clarity and precision, in contrast to other solutions that could impair the integrity of the original document. Accessibility is also improved by the software’s cross-platform interoperability, which enables users to divide PDF files on any device, whether they are online or offline.

Customized page extraction is simple with WPS Office thanks to the flexibility to extract only certain pages or delete undesirable content to fit personal tastes. It is the best option for both professionals and amateurs because it offers an easy and effective approach to split PDF files. When working with specific pages or sections of a document, breaking a PDF file might be useful. Fortunately, the process has become a lot more accessible and effective with the help of split PDF online tools.

Click the “Select File” button and upload your PDF file to use a split PDF online tool. Drag the file directly to the green editing area as an alternative. Wait a few seconds after uploading the document for the program to process it.

Choose the “Download” option to get your divided pages last. A split PDF tool is a useful professional resource because it can save time and effort.

Use WPS Office to annotate PDFs WPS Office PDF Annotator offers an effective method for annotating PDF files. Users of this application can quickly highlight and underline key passages in a PDF, making it simpler to locate the necessary information in a lengthy document.

For professionals that must work with a lot of material, like researchers or analysts, the ability to annotate PDFs is essential. Users can save time when browsing complicated PDF documents by using WPS Office PDF Annotator to optimize their workflow.

WPS Office

Any professional’s toolkit would benefit from having this tool because it makes managing and organizing crucial information simpler. One of its main benefits is its capacity to easily locate and navigate to particular portions inside huge, multi-page PDF files, which helps to increase productivity and save time.

For every business or person looking to improve their PDF workflow, WPS Office PDF Annotator is a crucial tool. It may be used for evaluating reports, studying academic materials, or working together on projects. The program gives users access to a dependable PDF stamp designer that lets them personalize stamps by entering text or choosing any image they choose.

The PDF annotation capabilities in WPS Office make it simple to do things like highlight important content, underline it, or add notes. The software’s user-friendly interface also guarantees a smooth and trouble-free annotation process. Professionals may boost productivity and simplify workflows by making use of WPS Office’s PDF annotating features. Users that need to add a signature or company logo to their documents may find this feature useful. With WPS Office, annotating PDFs is a quick and simple process that improves document clarity.

Tips & Tricks for Using WPS Office to Annotate PDFs

In the current digital era, the ability to annotate PDFs has become crucial, and WPS Office makes the process simple. Beyond the standard annotation tools, this robust free PDF annotator includes many additional functions. It completely changes how we work with PDF files, allowing us to highlight key passages and annotate both text and images. The days of slogging through a jumbled text to understand complex information are over.

All of your PDF files may be easily made more readable and clear with It. This software offers remarkable clarity and guarantees rapid comprehension, whether you’re analyzing critical reports or studying for an exam.

One of the most useful things that WPS Office provides is the highlight feature. Now that you can easily highlight important passages or points in a document, you won’t have to worry about missing any important information.

And don’t forget about annotations, which make it simple to return to important details at any moment by allowing you to add personal observations or reminders immediately onto the page. Additionally, sharing PDFs with friends or coworkers for inspection and discussion allows for comments on specific text or image content.

It is possible to give comments without changing the original material, which is a real game-changer for teamwork. It enables users globally with its rich annotating features by boosting productivity and fostering efficient communication through annotated PDFs.


The advantages of using WPS Office to annotate PDFs are numerous and can dramatically increase productivity in a business context. It is a flexible and dependable option for annotating and working together on PDF documents thanks to its user-friendly interface, adaptable tools, and compatibility with a range of hardware and operating systems.

Quickly annotating and sharing PDFs may speed up workflows, enhance communication, and ultimately result in more effective and efficient outcomes whether you are a business professional, instructor, or student.

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