How to Use the Instagram Notes App

Instagram Notes is a new feature that allows users to share quick updates. You can now type a 60 character note, add a few emojis, and share it with your Close Friends. If they follow you, they’ll see the note in their DM inbox.

The Instagram Notes feature is a good way to stay in touch with your followers. Unlike a Story, there’s no need to scroll through the feed. It’s also a great way to share a last minute reminder.

While you’re on your Instagram app, look for the inbox icon in the top right hand corner. If you see the icon, it means you’ve received notes from your friends. You can then go into the Direct Messaging section, which has a message bubble icon, and click on it to send a note.

You can also click the profile icon to leave a note on someone’s account. However, this feature is only available to your Close Friends, or people that you follow back.

Instagram has been testing the Notes feature in various markets. In July 2022, they tested a version that allowed users to share notes with “close friends.” Later, the company launched Notes in the US, France, and Brazil. But Notes were not widely available in other countries, such as Japan.

To get the most out of the Notes feature, try to use them to your advantage. Using them to your advantage is not only a better way to engage with your followers, but it can increase your chances of getting noticed.

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