GLORY 88: Hari vs McSweeney Kickboxing Live Free TV Channel

Glory88 Kickboxing Livestreams Glory 88 made combat sports history on September 9, 2023, when they performed a thrilling kickboxing show in Paris, France. Nine spectacular battles will showcase the world’s top kickboxing ability at this event.

Dôme de Paris

The iconic Dôme de Paris was ideal for this high-stakes combat event. As the sun set over the lovely city, the stadium lights illuminated the ring, creating a stunning spectacle that would soon be packed with intense activity.

Fight fans from France and outside flocked to the arena. While waiting for the first combat, they were excited and anticipating it. Inside the Dôme de Paris, the throng was lively and the vibe explosive.


The spectators cheered as the announcer bellowed. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Glory 88!” he said to thunderous cheers. “Tonight, we have nine explosive fights with world-class kickboxers.”

The hero combatants entered the ring. This started a night of activity that would have everyone hanging on. They exchanged lightning-fast punches, kicks, and knee blows, stunning the spectators. It showed accuracy, power, and technique.

Each battle made the night more exciting. Dramatic knockouts, technical bouts, and heart-stopping moments kept the crowd captivated. The Dôme de Paris was electrified with kickboxing aficionados from all backgrounds.

kickboxing legends

The much-anticipated battle between two kickboxing legends was the night’s main event. The audience applauded as two world-class boxers entered the ring. What followed was a master lesson in hitting and heart-fighting.

The audience applauded as the final bell sounded to honor the combatants’ hard effort. The night was filled with memorable moments that demonstrated the athletes’ hard work and expertise.

After the judges’ decision was announced, the winner raised their arms. The audience applauded their victory. The thrilling finale of Glory 88 at the Dôme de Paris left a lasting impression on those who attended.


With recollections of an exhilarating night, supporters exited the Dôme de Paris into the Paris night. Glory 88 demonstrated the worldwide language of combat sports and creative kickboxing. City of Light would be proud of the night.

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