Firetruck game

TikTok’s ‘97%’ trending reveals games you shouldn’t play. What is a fire engine game?

In the wake of the tragic murder of Sarah Everard in the UK, women are taking to social media to speak out about the struggles women face on a daily basis. , is perceived to be a tricky molesting game that must not be agreed upon. Here’s why.

“97%” trending on her TikTok to spread important messages across social media. A UN Women UK study published in March 2021 found that 97% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 have been sexually harassed.

The analysis also found that more than 96% of the women who experienced sexual harassment didn’t report it.

With the rise of the “97%” trend on TikTok, a game called “Firetruck game” that can be used to sexually harass women has appeared.

What is firetruck game?

The Fire Truck game is actually his 1978 black-and-white arcade game, but it’s a different game now.

Fire truck games are usually attended by women and men. The man asked if she could play the “fire truck game” with her and touched her body until she said “stop”.

The worst part of this game is that every time the woman says “red light,” the man is supposed to keep touching her without her consent, saying, “Fire trucks don’t stop at red lights.”

Why You Shouldn’t Play Fire Truck Games?

The Firetruck game may seem like a harmless little game at first, but it can lead to sexual harassment.

Women’s Social Her Network Her users recognize that fire engine play is the earliest form of sexual assault and is inappropriately normalized at a young age, especially during school years.

Stop normalizing fire engine games. It’s not a game, it’s dangerous, it’s a questionnaire about sexual harassment.


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