Download TeleGorda APK (June 2023) with the password

TeleGorda, an Android application, has gained enormous popularity in Spain. With the help of this application, users can play TV channels from paid subscription services on their smartphones without spending a single euro.

However, since TeleGorda cannot be downloaded from Google Play, we will show you how to obtain TeleGorda APK so you can manually install it.

We will go over how to obtain the Telegorda APK password, which is required to tune in to TV channels, in addition to how to download and install TeleGorda APK on Android. We will also go into a little bit of detail about the history of this application and the potential annoyances it may cause you because it is not an official Google Play application.


An application for viewing TV channels is called TeleGorda APK. Because it has integrated channels, this application is extremely powerful and well-liked because adding any external content is not necessary.

Therefore, Telegorda may be your best choice if you want to watch television content without worrying about its availability.

The way TeleGorda APK works is as follows: in order to access any of the sections, you must first obtain a password. TV Spain, TV Sports, TV Cinema and Series, TV Adults, TV Documentaries, and Movies are just a few of the application’s sections.

There are only a few advertisements that we need to view in order to obtain this password. We will then be directed to a website where the password will be after we have passed the buttons and advertisements. Every time you want to open a section, you will need to enter this password because it is frequently changed.

Seeing so many advertisements while trying to get the key can be irksome. However, this is not the biggest issue; rather, TeleGorda APK is dangerous because it is not a genuine Google Play application, which is one of the reasons you should exercise caution when installing it.

Who is TeleGorda APK’s owner?

It is reasonable to assume that the developers of the TeleGorda APK application have a website where they once shared playlists made specifically for the Wiseplay application. Then, in order to not rely on an outside application and profit more directly from their project, they decided to develop TeleGorda.

The popularity of TeleGorda APK is more due to the content it offers than the actual application. Numerous channels in excellent quality and without as many drops as other applications are available from the application. Despite the fact that TeleGorda is an unreliable app, many users have decided to use it for this reason.

Is TeleGorda APK a trustworthy platform for watching television channels?

As we stated at the outset, TeleGorda APK is not accessible through the Google Play store, so there are many points to consider when using this application. As a result, it is challenging to believe in the application’s security and privacy. To stop it from violating our privacy, we can consider a few points.

  • Try to only use TeleGorda APK on computers or mobile devices that you don’t use to store sensitive personal data.
  • Download the application only from the official site. Do not use any other site.
  • Any permissions that the app wants to request from you should be understood. Whether it be files, camera permissions, or any other.
  • We think that these pointers are important when using the application. But we also have good reasons to think that this application is not as dangerous as it first appears to be. For instance:

We could assume that the only reason the app can’t be on the store is that it violates copyright, which prevents it from being approved for Google Play.

We haven’t yet noticed any permission requests on our devices. So we can feel a little safer as long as it keeps going that way. They have no reason to ask for more information from the user because the application depends on the advertising that is placed at the time the password is shared.

For these reasons, we can assume that TeleGorda APK is less dangerous than it first appears, but since its functionalities prevent it from existing in the store, it must be downloaded from elsewhere.

We do ask that you exercise caution when installing this app and any other apps that need to be downloaded from sources other than the Google Play store.

We advise using alternatives to PCTNew where you can download the movies using a Torrent if you’re looking for a substitute. However, you will need experience with these clients; otherwise, download TeLegorda APK.

We’ll go over how to download and install Telegorda APK on your Android device if you’re ready to get started with the application right away. Go to, which is the official website, first. You will see a picture that covers the entire site; click on it, and the download will start right away.

You must turn off the security lock for applications that are not from Google Play after downloading the application. The steps are very similar on the majority of Android phones. You find the Unknown Sources option under Security in Settings, click on it, and then turn it on.

As you proceed, you should search for TeleGorda APK in the download folder. It will ask you if you are sure before starting the installation after you click to activate it. It will install like any other application after a short while, and you can then start using it.

How to retrieve your Telegorda APK password

We will need a password to unlock the channels in the Telegorda APK application, and we can get it by watching a few advertisements. You will also need to enter this password each time you select a category because it will be updated periodically.

In case you don’t understand how to get it, the same app provides a tutorial on its start menu. If you still don’t understand how to obtain the TeleGorda password, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions:

Activate the category you want to see. Subsequently, you click on the “To obtain the password” link’s accompanying “HERE” link.

  • You will be directed to a website where you must complete a captcha. You will see a button that says, “Click here to continue” after a short while. The button must be clicked for a ton of advertising to appear. To get to the next other link, you simply need to delete each tab one by one.
  • You must wait 10 seconds more on this new website before seeing the “Get Link” button. When you click the button, a ton of advertising will appear, which you must dismiss before you can continue.
  • The site where they will give you the password will be your final destination. To prevent going through this procedure again, you must write down the password, which you can enter to see each category.

Updated password for Telegorda APK

You will be able to obtain the password from within the application itself if you followed the previous steps. You can access it from the menu as you’ll see below to find the password that is required to access Telegorda APK.

If the passwords listed below do not work, try the steps above.

Summary of Telegorda APK

One of the many applications designed to view television channels is this one. However, we should note that Telegorda APK performs its task far more effectively than any other application. For instance, the channels are very accessible; you rarely come across a channel that isn’t working, and the streaming quality is excellent.

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