Choosing a Web Designer: A Guide for Small Business Owners

According to a recent survey, 48% of consumers believe that a company’s website design plays the most significant role in establishing its reputation. A potential consumer will take their business elsewhere if they don’t think your company is trustworthy.

With this in mind, you could debate between a DIY website design strategy and hiring a specialist. 

The Positives and Negatives of DIY Website Design

About 40% of owners of small businesses create their websites. Why is it clear to see?

The Good: 

Thanks to the abundance of DIY Web designers, anyone can easily create a professional website that looks professional. You can design a website quickly with the correct building tools.

The primary motivation for many small business owners to pursue the DIY route is to save money. The average price ranges from $10,000 to more than $150,000, depending on capability.

You wouldn’t want to spend money on something you can do yourself on a tight budget. Additionally, you can quickly rebuild the website when funds permit.

Access to cost-effective or free learning resources is another crucial factor. This encourages business owners to take the initiative to learn web design basics so they may use the knowledge to create useful websites.

Additionally, DIY website design might hasten your launch.

Working with a qualified web designer can push back your launch date if you’re already behind schedule. No matter how basic it is, these professionals won’t be able to deliver a website in a day or two. They need time to create a website that complies with your needs and industry standards.

But with DIY, the website will be available as soon as needed, allowing you to move forward with the company’s debut.

The Poor

A business website must be well-designed to be distinctive and effective. For example, you require a custom theme.

Anyone with formal web design and development expertise will likely create a flawless website, at least not on their first try.

However, the business world is harsh. If you began a business with a subpar website, you would have a shaky foundation.

Building your website is only one of the fantastic ways to present yourself as a business owner.

Design of Professional Websites

The professional website design is hiring a skilled designer to handle the project. I recommend hiring a web designer with a good cause.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

When starting a business, you want it to stand out as much as possible. That’s why you choose a company name, logo, and other branding elements that are distinctive from your rivals.

Additionally, your company website must be distinctive. The easiest way is to ensure a unique look, which is challenging when utilizing a DIY website builder. A typical theme created by qualified website designers will give your website the individuality it deserves.

User-friendly websites are essential for success. A professional will inquire about your target audience and create a website tailored to their tastes. A business website mainly used by boomers will have a different appearance or feel than one primarily used by Gen Zers.

 Millions of websites are currently online and are all vying for a slot on the first page of search engine results. Your website can compete for such positions thanks to SEO.

Website speed, site architecture, security, and responsive design are just a few aspects website SEO covers.

Additionally, working with a pro will save you time.

You, indeed, have a lot on your plate as an entrepreneur. Spending most of your time on more important jobs, like product development, would be best. Spending some of your limited time on website design, which you are less qualified to accomplish, is the last thing you want to do.

Cons of Using a Pro

You will have to pay for a professional site designer. However, it still stands that many small business owners need more funds for expert site design.

Worldwide, there are millions of web designers.

If you ask around, you’ll hear endless tales of customers who trusted a purportedly skilled designer only to receive a subpar website in return. Don’t be shocked if you get conned out of your money if you don’t do your homework before choosing a designer.

When selecting a freelance designer whose credentials and reliability you can’t easily verify, doing your research is very crucial.

Which is Better: Do-It-Yourself Website Design or Hiring a Pro?

It’s a good idea to create a website yourself. Building a fantastic website on a tight budget with the correct equipment and abilities is feasible.

The stakes are higher when it comes to company websites, though. It’s best to employ a qualified designer and err on the side of caution. You’ll receive a website that successfully supports your company’s internet presence.

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